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    transmission fluid check

    Same question here.
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    3rd row power seat issue, 2013

    I agree, my daughter‘s little soccer ball caused this as well. Check for obstructions
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    For Sale [SOLD]Take off Set of black lug nuts / lock lugs 2021 Tundra TRD Pro

    Full set of 20 lug nuts with 4 lock lugs. These were taken off a brand new TRD Pro with 13 miles on it. Unfortunately there is no lock key, original seller discarded it at time of take off. I was told the dealer can possible match it up. I am including the lock lugs either way. 50$ plus shipping.
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    Grill replacements?

    I believe they are all the same, where are you located?
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    Mods so far

    Hey guys I picked up my one owner 2013 Platinum in May. I was able to score a take off set of wheels from a 21 Tundra TRD Pro, Grill, door handles and mirror covers from my local dealership. Plasti dip for the rear emblem and Sequoia plate. Removed the chrome badges as well. I would to add...
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    Unanswered good deal?

    Prices have been jumping up for used cars as everyone knows. I dont think the price is out of line, do you want the TRD sport specifically? I was able to pick up a ’13 Platinum with 62000, 1 elderly owner for 29k. I couldn’t justify spending 65K on a TRD Pro.