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    Retrofit Foglights on a 2001 Sequoia SR5 OEM (No drilling!)

    I did this Retrofit back in 2013. So I apologize in advance because I didn't keep a record of pictures to show a step by step guide. However, I wanted to make a quick write up of parts you'll need because this is actually plug and play. I'm the type of person that tries to keep things looking as...
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    Suspension Recommendations

    Hey guys, I'm looking to upgrade the suspension of our 2001 Sequoia SR5. The old parts are worn out, and we've put almost 270,000 miles on it! So far, I'm looking at Bilstein 4600 but not sure what spring set up, and strut mounts. I was thinking of going with OEM springs and strut mounts...
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    SF/Bay Area

    Bay area, CA! How's it going everyone?