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    Replace SR5 grille and fenders on a 2023 Sequoia with TRD Pro variants

    Got the following mods installed on 2023 Sequoia SR5: - TRD Pro Front Grille (with Light Bar and 3 Marker Lights) - TRD Pro camo pattern fender flares (with marker lights) for the 4 wheels - TRD Pro Skid Plate with red TRD lettering (not clearly visible in these photos) - aFe Front Tow Hooks...
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    Glossy Black Overlay for Toyota Emblem on Rear Liftgate of 2023 Sequoia

    Got a custom Black Overlay made for covering the chrome Toyota emblem on the rear liftgate of my 2023 Sequoia. Have 5 overlays left from that batch (on ebay):
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    Panaoramic Moon Roof & Roof Rack

    Thanks... I stand corrected
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    Extended Warranty

    Consumers Credit Union - Mechanical Repair Coverage - 10 Yr / 100K miles, $0 downpayment, Platinum Plan - $1,645.
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    What is the biggest tire you can put on TRD Pro

    Just a caution - watch (at 18'30", you will notice the issue with installing larger tires on TRD Pro 23 Sequoia.
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    Panaoramic Moon Roof & Roof Rack

    2023 Sequoia TRD Pro does not come with Panoramic moon roof.