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    Youtube sucks?
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    06' Rocker Switch Panel

    I did have to dremmel some of the material away to get the switches to fit. Damn picture won't upload on here.
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    06' Rocker Switch Panel

    My 01 had a little cubby there I rarely used. Found my 3D printed panel off ebay.
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    Modular/removable overlander bed

    I altered it when I removed the one third row. Now that I've done that, I'm going to I've already altered it lol
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    Modular/removable overlander bed

    I've already found it handy when I had to move a big desk and was able to remove everything in about 1 minute.
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    Modular/removable overlander bed

    I wouldn't mind sharing my measurements and although my design is efficient it could use some refining.
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    Powered Subwoofer

    I have a 12" P3 Fosgate with the amp attached to it behind the 3rd row passenger side. Sounds amazing. Just built an overlander bed over it as it's become part of the tree. Posted a video yesterday
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    8 inch subwoofer install

    If I were installing just an 8", I'd probably try to install it in the storage location at the drivers rear. I do believe you can buy aftermarket boxes to fit in there or replacing the whole panel
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    Update on my 3rd row access Overlander bed w/ video

    Although, I made a shorter pictures and music only video.
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    Modular/removable overlander bed

    Posted at the top of the thread.
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    Modular/removable overlander bed

    Haven't seen anyone else attemp to pull it off either.
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    Modular/removable overlander bed

    My original design was pretty simple and could be easily duplicated. But, then I decided I had to add to it. Then went to store some stuff and took out the one 3rd row. Everything was flopping around so, I went with the drawer on one side.
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    Modular/removable overlander bed

    I'm going to redo the video with the phone sideways, explain a few more things and better light.
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    Modular/removable overlander bed

    Video uploaded top of thread.
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    Engine replacement

    Good luck? Love my sequoia and would probably do the same if I could get a tundra. This forum doesn't seem to get much attention these days I suppose. Only had one response to my build awhile back.
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    2002 4wd loss of battery power when foot is off gas

    Sounds like a grounding issue to me but, could be a slew of others. Bad alternator?
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    Lift gate lock mechanism

    I replaced the broken handle 2 years ago and EVERY time I opened it, I was expecting it to break. I went with the Aired down inner and outer latch/lanyard and have 0 worries. Only took about 30 minutes with no regrets.
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    Modular/removable overlander bed

    I'll clean it up, tend to a few minor issues and get a video. Definitely hasn't been as easy as removing the seats.