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  1. mulze42

    2006 White SR5

    Hey thanks man! I would say that the measurements are close enough but I would recommend you to still do some quick measurements to verify that you are satisfied with them. Let me know if you need any physical measurements and I can try to get them to you in a timely manner.
  2. mulze42

    New guy

    Nice truck! You'll either have to get a rear bumper from somebody like Brute Force Fab or similar, build it yourself like others have done or I believe its called a Wilcox hitch setup that allows you to use your hitch to put it on the back.
  3. mulze42

    New member

    Pics or it never happened! Welcome aboard!
  4. mulze42

    First time Toyota owner,Go figure

    Welcome aboard! There is a wealth of information on here but if you need anything just ask.
  5. mulze42

    Newish here...

    Welcome aboard Chet! Clean looking truck you got there.
  6. mulze42

    Windshield washer fluid reservoir access

    Hey welcome to the forum. I'm not sure of how to extract it but I was going to say that the repair manual in a different thread in here will probably be able to tell you. The other step that I would check out is YouTube but check more on the Tundra side since it is more likely to have repair...
  7. mulze42

    Skidplates!!!! My Sequoia Skid-Plate Journey.

    No problem! And very nice! Post pics when you get them installed.
  8. mulze42

    Skidplates!!!! My Sequoia Skid-Plate Journey. Here is the link.
  9. mulze42

    2002 Limited 4WD

    We are talking about the King OEM coilover for the Tundra? So if you are passing on the custom what is your next plan of action?
  10. mulze42

    2006 White SR5

    Cowling / Blower Fan Leak Fix Duration: 1 hour Materials needed: Marine Silicone M12 Socket T20 Star Bit Pliers Did a little enhancement or fix to an old truck. I began to notice over the winter that when my blower fan for the A/C and heat was set on low it would tick like there was a card...
  11. mulze42

    2002 Limited 4WD

    So does that mean that there will be a new Sal study soon on the best recipe for the front coilovers?
  12. mulze42

    Skidplates!!!! My Sequoia Skid-Plate Journey.

    In between t4r and ih8mud and this site you will definitely find your answers. Also use and find their 1st gen page. A lot of helpful posts int there.
  13. mulze42

    Skidplates!!!! My Sequoia Skid-Plate Journey.

    No I understand. I never login to my FB account but I creep on the page now and then. It sucks because there were a lot of guys on here like the OP of this post who now only post on FB. Tundrasolutions and iH8Mud are two other locations where there are a lot of knowledgeable people. But that's...
  14. mulze42

    Group 31 Battery Fitment Question

    Great thanks Sal. Will probably stick with a 27F for now as the dealer I got the truck from put in a 24F.
  15. mulze42

    Skidplates!!!! My Sequoia Skid-Plate Journey.

    Honestly you would get a way quicker response from Jim if you went on the Sequoia Off-Road FB page. A lot of knowledgeable people don't post anymore on here and prefer to use FB as their medium which sucks.
  16. mulze42

    2000-2007 Toyota Sequoia Suspension Kit - 2" Lift by Old Man Emu

    I would think so. I actually asked crikeymike a question in regards to the front suspension on that post but he hasn't responded yet as I was interested in replacing the Bilsteins with the Dobinson setup.
  17. mulze42

    Cv axle

    I have SPC for upper control arms which allow for more adjustment which is needed for a lift. Not sure about CV axles though.
  18. mulze42 '04 Sequoia Build Video Series

    I look forward to seeing the upgrades.
  19. mulze42 '04 Sequoia Build Video Series

    Interesting. Right now my plan is a deep cycle 27F from batteries plus and then a solar panel and controller. I think unless you truly want isolation that the performance of the battery should be more than enough and a weight savings. What about a roof rack?
  20. mulze42 '04 Sequoia Build Video Series

    So with all the electrical upgrades what are you doing for battery management?