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  1. Friedom

    Rear shocks w/air ?

    Have a specific model number for this application? I perused through Rancho's website and saw some possible matches, but the vehicle specific function says none found for a 1st gen sequoia.
  2. Friedom

    Suspension Lift for 1 Gen Sequoia

    The lift(spacer, strut, whatever) moves the resting stance lower into it's operating range so that you have more compression room left and less droop left. Thing is - the suspension geometry is designed for the cv axle to be within it's safe range of motion within the entire throw from full...
  3. Friedom

    Answered Total Chaos UCA's and 285/70R17's

    So what did you decide on? I had 255s on my 4runner and loved them. I'll probably do that with my 07 as well. Ucas tension to be seen, I'm aiming at a 2" lift.
  4. Friedom

    Unanswered Looking at buying a 2005 Sequoia!

    I just realized you posted 3 years ago. Still getting to know my way around.
  5. Friedom

    Unanswered Looking at buying a 2005 Sequoia!

    How concerned are you about the window? That seems like a nice deal if it's 4x4 and nothing glaringly wrong.
  6. Friedom

    Tucson Tree Hugger

    Howdy folks. New sequoia owner, old 4 wheeler. Just sold my lifted armored 5th gen 4runner for an 07 Limited Quoia. Just put a lift kit on it. Just kidding, I actually just pushed the air lift button. Will be putting lift, pizza slicers, weld up front bumper and a few goodies on it soon -...
  7. Friedom

    Suspension Lift for 1 Gen Sequoia

    Hey guys, similar boat here. I'm leaning in the direction of an ironman 4x4 kit. Regarding the diff drop, it's worth noting that a lift kit still keeps the suspension within the stock range of travel that the cv joints are designed for. A diff drop puts your diff lower and more vulnerable...
  8. Friedom

    2007 Rear Air Spring Conversion

    So it's been a year. How's that working out?
  9. Friedom

    Rear shocks w/air ?

    Hey there - did you find anything on this? I'm planning on doing a lift and airbag delete, but not yet..