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    Unanswered Vibration front passenger side. Already had tires rotated and balanced.

    Sound like your bearings also check your ball joint s
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    Unanswered 35's on a first gen? How did you do it?

    It’s not worth it,cutting to firewall and your rear end need to be upgraded to handle the 35 tires your RPM will rev high
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    Unanswered sunroof 2007 Toyota sequoia

    Hello, I have 2007 sequoia with sunroof and need to replace the sunroof seal to the roof, any suggestions as it has been discontinued from Toyota?
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    Newbie from Miami, Florida

    I am an original owner of a 2007 Toyota Sequoia. I’m really interested in custom building my truck and do the work myself. I don’t let anyone touch it . I absolute love my truck and I joined this forum to learn from other sequoia fans.