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  1. Jim Smola

    What trails would you like to run during Sequoia Summit 2018????

    So let's hear what you want to run during Summit.
  2. Jim Smola

    Sequoia Summit 2018

    We are starting to plan our first big National meet which we hope will span from Colorado to Moab. So officially we are putting it in the books for mid August 2018. Plenty of time to prepare boys and girls. Update: here is the link to the Registration that...
  3. Jim Smola

    Rear Trailing Arm Skid Reinforcement On The Cheap

    so check this out. Weld in some 90 deg steel and you just created a skid to protect and strengthen your rear lower trailing arm.
  4. Jim Smola

    Limited Slip Differential.

    Is anyone running one? If you don't plan on doing a locker then what about an LSD. So my daily driver is a 2001 Tundra with the factory limited slip and I absolutely love it. It's absolutely fabulous and reall puts the power to the ground compared to the Sequoia rearnopen diff. So if you want...
  5. Jim Smola

    Grill badges: Who has any?????

    I treated her to a TRD grill badge. I think she deserves it.
  6. Jim Smola

    Lower trialing arm upgrade

    So our lower control arms are very weak and the more capable my truck becomes the harder lines I tend to try and tackle on the the trail. So before I find myself stranded because of a bent lower trailing arm, I thought I would get these heavy duty ones installed. They are made by Rokmen for an...
  7. Jim Smola

    Richland Road NC 2-11-16 Trail Ride

    Looks like a small group of us are heading up for a trail ride. If anyone is local and would like to go, please let me know.
  8. Jim Smola

    Rear shock and shock mount armor.

    We are at it again. Working hard to bring new products to the Sequoia market. This is an FJ Cruiser shock skid. As you can see in the pictures, I had to grind away about 1/4" of the original mount to make this one fit. I am currently working with the maker of this shock skid plate to develop...
  9. Jim Smola

    Skidplates!!!! My Sequoia Skid-Plate Journey.

    So getting a list of skid plates together for our Sequoia is not an easy task since almost none are mass produced. I'll share what I have so far from front to back. Since I have the Addicted Offroad bumper I was unable to use the factory skid and to be honest, I didn't want to use it. First I...
  10. Jim Smola

    How many miles on your tree? Any major issues other than general maintenance?

    131,000 miles No major issues and just the required maintenance.
  11. Jim Smola

    OME Front Suspension for our Sequoia

    We have matched the 90004 strut which absolutely fits our truck from the 1998 to 2004 Tacoma with the taller 50mm 2885 from the 2005-2015 Tacoma. Note that this is a stiffer spring than ours and will allow for more weight to be added to the front of our trucks like a plate bumper and winch. Net...
  12. Jim Smola

    Winches: what are you running? Plus review Link of Superwinch Tigershark 9500SR This is my first winch and so far so good.
  13. Jim Smola

    How much lift is too much. Article Link.Lift isn't everything

    Lift isn't everything
  14. Jim Smola

    Brake pads

    Hawk Super Duty pads are a big part up my improved braking.
  15. Jim Smola

    Free: Superwinch Synthetic Rope Friendly Fairlead.

    You get the aluminum fairlead pictured below It's free so just pay the shipping. If you accept this item then please think about what you have that you can pay forward and post it up.
  16. Jim Smola

    Gobi Roof Rack And ladder
  17. Jim Smola

    Stainless Steel Front Brake Lines

    Here is the part number
  18. Jim Smola

    Official Show Off Your After Market Front Bumper Thread With Pictures. Front Bumper
  19. Jim Smola

    Land Cruiser 100 series rear spring and shock guide for the Sequoia OME

    So this is the official guide to the OME LC100 suspension that we use. Please ask for help with this if you need. The 10mm will net about a 3" lift and the 40mm which is about a 4" lift.