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  1. Squatchfoot

    02 sequoia aka Henry

    Finally got my grill painted and added the classic tri color badge. Also just finished up replacing the steering rack bushing with polyurethane bushings. Love the steering response didn't realize how much play the old bushings were allowing. Next will be the sway bar bushings and hope fully...
  2. Squatchfoot

    02 diff mod

    Just finished up my center diff mod last month on old Henry. Works great, now I can lock the center diff in 4hi or 4lo with a switch instead of the computer only locking it in 4lo in low gear. I got this idea from a guy named Nem on who did a step by step wright up.
  3. Squatchfoot

    The nube 02 sr5

    Hey guys I'm new to the site and sequoia world. Love mine and can't wait to build up this for overlanding with my kids...after all maintenance