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    BigNuge’s 2002 Limited Build

    Nice set up on the dual battery. I just did one with the second on the passenger side. Wish I had seen yours before doing that. Might still rework it to match yours. Question, what size batteries did you use and what support did you add, if any, to the edge closest to the engine? Nice work!
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    Rear brake upgrade?

    Greetings all. I am in the process of preparing to perform the front brake upgrade that Sal created the fantastic post of on my '02 Limited. Wondering if anyone has a similar post regarding the rear brakes? I know most of the performance is from the front but while I am at it thought I would...
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    New member from SLC

    Greetings all. Ran across this site researching a lift and mods for my 2002 Sequoia Limited. About 175k miles. We have owned it since ‘04/32k and, as of the wife getting a GX460 in November, I have more freedom to mod for appropriate desert/Overlanding adventures. We have long appreciated it...