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    Wheelspin in 4wd

    I am new in here and searched but didn't find anything on this topic. I have a 2001 SR5 4wd 193k all stock that I got 8 years ago. I don't use 4wd often but recently went to the mountains and almost got stuck with 4wd engaged. I engaged 4wd hi, everything seemed fine and parked in a muddy area...
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    Fuel Gauge

    Is there a fix to this? My 2001 SR5 4x4 seems to have a spot when the level gets low, say 1/8-1/4, the gauge completely drops out to the bottom and the fuel light comes on. Sometimes it comes and goes. Above 1/4 tank it has never dropped out, but somewhere it this range I have no fuel level...
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    Replacing Instrument Cluster and Dash bulbs with LED BULBS

    This is also on my to do list as I have 5 or 6 lights out. Sent from my SM-G935V using Tapatalk