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  1. GreenBeast

    Front Runner Slimline II roof rack installation

    Looks great man - does it clear the sunroof or are you don’t opening it fully??
  2. GreenBeast

    Newbie here from OTP-Atlanta.

    We will check it out!
  3. GreenBeast

    Newbie here from OTP-Atlanta.

    Thats a nice 1st gen! My wife has a GX470 that she has 'murdered out' with the black on black on black. We have some land in NW GA (Rock Spring) with power lines where we want to start playing around, but some of it is too steep. Do you know of any good places to play around near Chattanooga?
  4. GreenBeast

    USB link to replace broken mini-jack connection in OEM head unit?

    I have an 08 SR5 with the JBL factory head unit and the mini-Jack port is faulty. When I change to AUX / CD to link to my phone it will flip off AUX and goto CD by itself while driving. I live off my phone streaming and would love to know if anyone knows how to replace mini Jack with a USB...
  5. GreenBeast

    Newbie here from OTP-Atlanta.

    Whereabouts OTP? I just joined from Kennesaw.
  6. GreenBeast

    08 SR5 4wd 5.7 - just found Sequoia forums!

    I live in NW GA outside Atlanta in Kennesaw. Have an 08 SR5 with 4wd and the 5.7. Currently at about 250k miles. Best truck I’ve ever driven - hands down. I have been on tundra forums for years figuring out mods and making up my own. Glad to finally have a dedicated sequoia forum. This...
  7. GreenBeast

    2008 SR5 aftermarket roof side rails

    I’ve been wondering the exact same on all the TRD stuff - especially the rack - since the TRD version hit the market. If I can get my old FJ60 project to a point I can focus on the Sequoia I’ll see if I can get one and do it - if I have to force it onto my 08 then so be it… I hate drilling but...