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    Do all Platinums have remote start?

    Just by chance found out that my 2014 Toyota Sequoia Platinum has factory remote start. Do all Platinums come with it, or was it something that a previous owner of mine had installed?

    2nd Gen Floor Mats?

    I like the way the Sequoia all-weather floor mats look, but I'm a bit confused. Some of the photos show all weather floor liners that don't look like they cover all that much of the floor at all, and other photos show mats that cover beautifully. These look like what I want...

    TRD Flow Accelerator?

    Watched a YouTube video about how this part (PTR03-34079) costs only $15 and gives you 90% of the gain of the TRD cold air intake. Anyone else have any experience with it? I ordered one and it just arrived. Hoping to install it this weekend and see if I can tell any difference. At least it...

    Looking to lower a Platinum just a bit.

    I'm bucking the trend. As far as I know, no one has lowered a 2nd gen Sequoia. Since I'm not even remotely interested in off-roading, I really like the idea of making it look meaner and faster. Has anyone else done this? Does anyone know of someone who has? All info appreciated.

    Joined today! I'm in Missouri.

    I live in the Kansas City area.

    Beginning my mod journey - 2014 Platinum

    Bought a used 2014 Sequoia Platinum. Got a great price, but there was a lot of stuff wrong with it. The list of stuff to do is lengthy, but I've only had it a couple of months and I've made some progress. First, it was missing the front half of the fender flare on the driver's side rear wheel...