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  1. Trideyota

    V2 light bulbs

    Looking to replace the v2 bulb that lights up what gear the truck is in. Does anyone know where to purchase this style light other than the dealer?
  2. Trideyota


    Anyone in southwest colorado with a capable Sequoia? Saw a nice Black Sequoia in Ouray this past weekend after coming over Imogene from Telluride.
  3. Trideyota

    Rear upper and lower control arm bushings

    Has anyone used new bushing in their rear control arms? I can not find any listed for this vehicle ,but sure would think 4runner or landcruiser bushings would fit. I just do not know what size I will need. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Trideyota

    Lower leather drivers seat cover

    The stitching is coming apart on the lower seat cover. Curious how hard the cover is to remove and if there is a good aftermarket cover . Toyota wants way to much for the stock cover ! Thanks
  5. Trideyota

    Hi Lift Jack Mounts

    Curious if anyone has mounted hi lift to factory roof rack.
  6. Trideyota

    Lower Ball Joints

    I 'm in the process of replacing my lower ball joints, and was curious if anyone has had problems with lower factory lower control arms? I replaced upper with SPC when installing the my lift, but can't find much information on the lowers. Thanks!
  7. Trideyota

    Looking To Buy License Plate Surrounder

    Looking to buy black license plate surrounder for 2002 with door handle and latch.