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    Heart Translplant

    Are interested in selling the license plate surrounder off the black one?
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    Unanswered 2004 Limited Tranny Fluid Change

    Yea, but you are not draining all the fluid. So this is not a flush! It adds to the old fluid slowly. Have done this on all my toyotas and have had over 300,000 miles with no problems. So are you going leave the motor oil in there also without a change?
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    Having issues getting 04’ Sequoia in program mode for new keyfob.

    It can take a few times to get it to work, so be patient. Check the blog post that I attached for directions. Hopefully that helps!
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    Sequoia Summit 2018

    Sequoia summit 2019?
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    Unanswered 2004 Limited Tranny Fluid Change

    Drop and add fresh fluid. Usually around five quarts and then repeat I the near future. I have always done this with my high mileage yota's with good sucess.
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    Rear upper and lower control arm bushings

    Has anyone used new bushing in their rear control arms? I can not find any listed for this vehicle ,but sure would think 4runner or landcruiser bushings would fit. I just do not know what size I will need. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    Rear trailing arm

    I think that is what I'm going to do.
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    Rear trailing arm

    What is the best way to determine that they are bad? Keep hearing rattles when going over bumps sounds like it is in the rear. Driving me nuts!!
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    04 Limited/Lifed & Supercharged Sequoia!

    Are you selling this Sequoia? How much?
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    Rear trailing arm

    Great! Thanks for the info.
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    Rear trailing arm

    I was looking for something beefier. I know SPC make a set for the 4runner and fj model toyotas.
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    2003 Toyota Sequoia

    Here is a good right up with pictures. Mine has been a pain from day one even without the lift. It would always freak out when pulling my trailer.
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    Rear trailing arm

    I'm having the same problem! Driving me nuts. Does anyone know is SPC makes a model for our trucks?
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    2003 Toyota Sequoia

    Install a switch to turn vsc off. Tell dealership to take a hike!!
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    Yes another TRAC VSC OFF thread

    I had this problem checked everything and finally replaced abs module. Found one on Ebay for $40. Then lifted and added switch to turn it off. It was always going off with the lift. So keep that in mind if your going to lift the vehicle.