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    05 limited aka “turd crappley”

    Lots but I can’t upload pics . Coilovers Winch Body lift 35s Sleeping platform
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    05 limited aka “turd crappley”

    Few updates Been taking it out on day trips and other than the leather seats ( I just don’t like leather) I love it Took a weekend trip exploring and airbags fell out again burning out the pump. swapped to ome rear springs and some front spacers sits like it should have from the factory
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    05 limited aka “turd crappley”

    Going to swap to coils , not a huge fan of the airbag setup.
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    05 limited aka “turd crappley”

    Had a oopsy , drove up on a rock and somehow my air bag popped out and ripped the abs line . Love the backroad ride but now my dash looks like a Christmas tree lol
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    05 limited aka “turd crappley”

    This will be my second Sequoia I’ve owned missed last one ever since I sold it. Not a whole lot plans for it mostly wanna work on storage and sleeping before I start doing anything else. It’s been well-maintained timing belt , rear air suspension and brakes were just replaced so that’s one less...
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    Arkansas Hunting Rig Build

    How is the ride quality compared to stock with an old man emu lift?
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    NW Oregon roll call

    Not back in a sequoia quite yet but checking in from happy valley
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    Finally grew up

    Great upgrade , 4 runners are great but the sequoia feels like a Cadillac in comparison.
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    Living in my Sequoia- Build

    And your new setup is awesome and very well thought out
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    Living in my Sequoia- Build

    Been watching your you tube videos , fantastic setup
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    Almost back in the saddle again

    Well I was away for quite a while and have been bouncing around from vehicle to vehicle never really happy with what I had, so after selling my current vehicle(2016 rubicon hard rock if you know anybody looking ) I will be back to searching for a sequoia. . It’s just the right rig that checks...
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    Maximus my 07 sequoia

    Haven't done anything to the sequoia other then get out and drive it exploring lots of backroads , finding waterfalls , washed out roads, snow . It is up for sale now if you know anybody in the market . A little attempt at a you tube channel , there will be lot more dayventure videos in the...
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    For Sale 2007 sequoia priced to sell 7750$

    I dont want to sell it but buying a house has become more of a priority for us so unfortunately it has to go . It has been an amazing vehicle for getting the family out and exploring it's taken us on some fun trips and have some great memories drives fantastic , handles back roads and snow...
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    Shock adapters for Rear axle

    With the swaybar and the shock unbolted the suspension will travel far enough that the spring will fall out
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    Maximus my 07 sequoia

    Yes it's the support bars for the wings . Very disappointed in the build quality