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    Flashing 4wd lights troubleshooting guide.

    Just wanted to post an issue I experienced with my 03 sequoia. Getting it ready for our annual summer trip to CO, I decided to test the 4wd. I press the 4wd, transfer kicks in, wheels are green on the dash, but the center diff just keeps blinking. I try slowing, stopping, starting, sharp left...
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    When was my timing belt changed?

    Take this with a grain of salt but the timing belts and pumps can go to 200k easily. I have a 99 4runner with over 200k on the original pump and belt. But it will be changed out this spring. Its no longer my DD. Currently I have a 211k on my DD. An 04 sequoia on the original pump and about...
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    Another potential owner

    I paid about $5700 for my 03 limited about a year ago in the chicago area. Decent maintenance records. Frame has surface rust but solid. No rust in the rear passenger door wells. It had 180k miles. Had a set of of Michelin defender LTX tires on that had about 80% tread left. I did a tune up...
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    Another potential owner

    I have an 03 Limited. Basically there were two sizes for brake calipers. On my limited, I have the larger caliper (231mm iirc) and I put my 99 4runner limited 16" rims on the sequoia with no issues. Im in the Chicago area. To me the price sounds a little high given that the 4lo isnt...
  5. D '04 Sequoia Build Video Series

    As long as you have adequate jack stands, you should be fine. Just take a tire off and leave it under the frame in case something should fail. I use harbor freight 6ton jack stands and havent had a reason to be concerned under my sequoia or 4runner. Also jack stands are rated in pairs. Two...
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    Brake issue

    The check engine light also comes on to verify that the bulb is not burnt out as well. Probably an issue with that ABS module engaging the rear brakes or not releasing pressure. The fluid should be routinely flushed to prevent corrosion in the brake system.
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    Brake issue

    Do your rear brakes actually feel hot? How old is your fluid? Just to verify, your check engine light does come on prior to starting your truck. If so, there could be an issue with the traction control system itself.
  8. D '04 Sequoia Build Video Series

    After watching you videos, all I can say is that you have some solid brass balls! Not trying to be the safety police, but I personally would suggest beefier jack stands where you dont have to use a block. There are stories and threads where the 3 ton stands have given out under land cruisers...
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    Finally got my 285 70 17's and lift

    I as well am planning on being out in CO (Breckenridge area) next July/August. Thinking about just throwing on some 285/70R17 on mine stock and run some trails in the Breck area, like Swan River, Montezuma, Saints John, Mosquito Pass etc. If there is another sequoia summit, I might to try to...
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    Rear axle swap with FJ for E-locker

    In theory, the fj cruiser axle housing should fit. But as you suspect you might have to relocate the shock and control arm mounts. Might. Since you buddy has the FJ, take some measurements on the two axles and compare. But you definately cant swap the 3rd members. The elocker 3rd is an 8in...
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    Sequoia Summit 2018

    Hope this event is planned for next year. Dissapointed I didnt see this event earlier in the year. Would have made me rethink our annual summer trip to Breck that we cancelled. Been going out there for 7 years now and have yet to hit the trails. 3 young kids and our summer trips are usually...
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    Talk me out of selling my Sequoia

    Flat out, a 1st or 2nd gen sequoia cant match the fuel economy or the room of a suburban. I found myself in the same boat when deciding what to get for the family CO trips driving from Chicago. Previously, we have made the trek in my 99 4runner. It was a little cramped with just our one kid...